Canine Helper Educated With You
501(c)(3) nonprofit corp. dedicated to enhancing lives with disabilities

Chewy's Home Page 

Chewbaca was the inspiration for C.H.E.W.Y to give back what was given to me.

Dylan is more than a service dog for Emily.



Canine Helper Educated With You (C.H.E.W.Y.) teaches you how to train your own dog to be your Service Dog. We will work one on one with you, in your own environment, to define what services you need from your Dog.

C.H.E.W.Y. is currently servicing the Leeward Coast on the Island of Oahu and is accepting new applicants. To see if you qualify call (808) 744-5727  or e-mail us at:

How to Donate

C.H.E.W.Y. has clients that need your help with the costs assoicated with training and caring for their service animals. 
How can you Help? Please send a tax deductable donation to:

            92-1539 Aliinui Dr. #C
            Kapolei, HI 96707

Fund Raising Opportunities
Golf Tournaments
Dog Walking
Dog Sitting
Dog Obedience Training

Special Thanks to:

Paulynn Ichimura & Ralph Shigeoka
Linda Inouge & Mike Hama
Carolynn Young
Kelly Casper
Judy & Bob Allen
Bob & Jody with Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine
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Jessica Hauck
Jenny Bishop
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